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Turning the Corona QUARANTINE Into Something GOOD
Have you ever said “if I only had enough time to do ____ it would change my life”. Well, we’re all supposed to be socially distancing ourselves from other people. Judging by the amount of crap I’m seeing on social media during this outbreak, most of you aren’t using this gifted free time wisely.

Let’s say, hypothetically, this entire thing lasts 30 days. I hope it doesn’t because I have stuff to do, but let’s say it does. If you really think about it that’s a ton of time! 720 hours to be exact. What could you get done in that time to completely change the trajectory of your life? Let’s say you dedicate 2 hours a day in that thirty days to accomplish something that’s life changing.
Is it writing a book? We all have a story that needs to be told or you’re an expert in something. You could write a rough draft of a book. (If you need a great book editor let me know in the comments of this original post).  30 hours alone should be enough time to do this if you really sit down and get to it, 60 should be more than enough.
Is it starting an online business? Laying out a marketing plan to kick off a new online business could completely change your life if done properly. Marketing and promoting your online business is key. If you would like a very detailed way to set yourself up for success in a month  I have an amazing “30 day business development” book I can refer you to.  Just ask to see it in the comments of this original post and I’ll send you the link.
Is it getting in shape? Imagine what you could do with your body with 30 days of dedication! Set up a meal and exercise plan and kick it off by doing twice the amount of workouts you would when your life fills back up after corona. If you see massive results quickly it might just be the ticket you need to keep going unlike your failed New Years resolution.
Maybe its mastering or becoming better at something. In today’s over informed world there’s books on everything.  Go find two of the top books on a specific subject that you want to master and buy the audio additions. Listen to them multiple times. It’s a well known fact that most people only remember 10% of what we read. So try and listen to them multiple times. The more you go through them the more that will become ingrained in your head and help to change what you want changed. If you really dedicate yourself for 30 days you could be a different person when Corona goes away.

The point of this blog post is to pick people up and see the good side of this time that a lot of people are saying is being an inconvenience. Take this time as a gift.

I challenge you to post in the comments something that over the next 30 days you’re going to work towards. Comment how many hours a day you’re to devote to this and I’m going to keep you accountable. Don’t worry I’m doing this as well. And I need you to help keep me accountable.

Here’s what I’m going to do with my extra time.

I will devote 2 hours per day to studying for my Oregon Principal Broker’s License test.

I will devote an hour per day to training to qualify for Boston marathon.

I will devote an hour per day to writing blog posts or to write for another project I am working on (keep reading my posts to hear about what this project is).

This time is a gift, put it to good use, and do something that will change your life or the lives of others.

Now go kick some ass!

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