Typically, the summer months are the hottest time to sell your home in our market, while August and September are the slowest months of the year. However, with COVID-19 continuing to capsize norms in 2020, we’re actually seeing an uptick in activity; this August market shaped up much differently than in past years, and I suspect it’ll be the same story for September once all of the data gets reported. We’ll likely see that housing sale numbers were up and more buyers were in the market than usual. 

That said, as we head further into the fall and winter months, we will start to see a downturn in the amount of sales. So if you have to list now and want to get the best possible outcomes from your home sale, remember these tips: 

  1. Make sure your home is market-ready from Day 1. Double-check that your pricing is accurate and that you’ve tackled little repairs throughout the home that could otherwise distract buyers. Add a fresh coat of paint to liven up rooms or cover up scuffs on walls. If your home isn’t in top shape, it’ll take longer to sell, especially in colder markets. This isn’t a call to make an extravagant and costly update, but rather a reminder to take care of the little things that can have a big impact.
  2. Be mindful of curb appeal. Every day that you have your home listed on the market in the fall and winter months, walk around the outside and make sure that leaves are raked and any dead branches are cleared away. If you notice issues with your gutters or siding, take care of them right away. Also, do what you can to improve the appearance of your front door, as first impressions like that go a long way in selling a house. 
  3. Key in on your target market. Since there will be less buyers out there in the fall and winter months, the marketing for your home needs to be specialized for the type of buyer you think will want it most. This is where your agent’s expertise will shine; they’ll be able to consider factors like property type (e.g., 4-bedroom ranch-style), school district, price point, and more to zero in on the right demographic. If, for example, your spacious home is in a great school district, it will likely be most appealing to a family with young children. Knowing that, ask this question: How can we market the home such that those types of buyers will be heavily exposed to the listing and drawn in over and over again? 

“Do what you can to improve the appearance of your front door, as first impressions like that go a long way in selling a house.”

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