Here’s how your lender’s small gesture can make a big difference for buyers.

Did you know your lender can help you get your offer on a property accepted in this competitive market of ours? One of the main things loan officer Casey Carpenter does with his clients is directly call that listing agent to personally verify the client’s creditworthiness and qualified status. While he never shares specific financial details during those calls, Casey effectively provides peace of mind for that seller and their listing agent. 

Essentially, Casey tells the listing agent, “This buyer is vetted, and I feel very confident about their loan package moving forward.” The seller will then be more likely to choose your offer over the others—just pieces of paper with no lender to vouch for them. Your offer is virtually as dependable as a cash offer. 

Many times, our buyers who found themselves in a multiple-offer situation end up winning the home after Casey calls and vouches for their offer. Why? Hardly any other lenders out there are doing this for their borrowers. When Casey and I team up in our market, our clients are given a clear edge. 

When a seller has 10 or maybe even 20 pieces of paper in front of them, all of which having been sent in from buyers that seem equally qualified, it can be hard to make a decision. However, when your lender makes that call, it’s a game-changer. While there’s no way to guarantee that a seller will choose your offer, this strategy drastically tilts the odds in your favor. 

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“When Casey and I team up in our market, our clients are given a clear edge.”